Coffee Culture

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  • Coffee Culture

    You know the taste of coffee and you love it everyday, mornings and afternoons.But do you know where it comes from? Explore the world of coffee with Klassno.

    From french café to viennese Kaffeehaus, from social gatherings to family reunions, black or white, frothy or flavored, hot or cold, coffee is a universal beverage and you don’t have to apply to be part of the coffee lovers community.

    So much history and so much culture, the poetic world of coffee is endless. When was coffee discovered? Where do the beans grow? How did they make their way to all continents? How is the beverage prepared? Why does this coffee taste differently than that one?

    These pages are the perfect reading material with your vanilla flavored latte. Or maybe you prefer a cappuccino?

    Indulge now in some coffee culture.