Trust the bees

  • Klassno_tea_horiz

  • If you like your tea sweet, try to add raw honey to your warm cup. Honey is the healthier alternative for a sweet, heartwarming tea and has also amazing benefits for the health!

    It is used as a sweetener in cakes and pastries since ancient times. The Egyptians had domesticated bees and used the precious honey not only for cooking but also as an offering to the gods.

    For the most comforting Lemon tea, just add a spoon of honey to your cup of Klassno instant tea and stir. The warm and robust flavor of honey will melt into the tea and spice up your day in an instant. This little tip will also help soothe your sore throat when feeling sick.

    Acacia, Eucalyptus, Wildflower,… Try honey from different floral sources to add variety to your favorite tea.